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DCARI Test Links:

Session 1:

Topic: DCARI Identifying Damage to Electrical Conductors for Fire Investigators Class w Cameron Novak

Instructor: Cameron Novak

Session 2:

Topic: DCARI Receptacle Fires Class w Cameron Novak

Instructor: Cameron Novak

Session 3:

Topic: DCARI Fire Alarm Panels w Jamie Lord

Instructor: Jamie Lord

Session 4:

Topic: DCARI Timelines for Investigations

Instructor Trevor Maynard, former ATF FPE

**This spreadsheet will only work on Microsoft. You must download to your device, and enable the macros to use it. It must be saved on your device to use, not just opened from the link.

Session 5:

Topic: Wildland Fire Investigations

Instructor: Ralph Sheffer, Forest Ranger, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Session 6:

Topic: Fire Investigation Report Writing

Instructor: Robert "Bob" Toth, IRIS Fire Investigations

Session 7:

Topic: Fire Origin and Cause Report Writing for Public Sector Fire Investigators

Instructor: Kevin Connelly, ATF SA CFI Portland, Maine and William Boswell, WI State Fire Marshal’s Office-DCI

Session 8:

Topic: Myths and Legends in Fire Investigations

Instructor: Jesse Lampf, ATF SA CFI Newark, New Jersey

Session 9:

Topic: Fire Dynamics

Instructor: CJ Giblin, ATF Fire Protection Engineer, Maryland

Session 10:

Topic: Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

Instructor: Jeremy Neagle, ATF Electrical Engineer, Maryland

Session 11:

Topic: The Persistence of Fire Patterns in Post Flashover Compartment Fires

Instructor: Chad Campanell, ATF SA/CFI, Maryland

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